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Accademia del Mobile produces solid wood furniture from 1793. A natural and living material that combines beauty with the timeless guarantee of a setting in harmony with the balance between man and nature. The company manufactures furniture able to meet the approval of heterogenous consumers according to the transversal areas of taste:

• Modern: the philosophy of becoming. Everything changes because it’s open to the emotions of those who live in the space. Fluid lines, modern and futuristic design, warm and natural colours, accurate finish.

• Contemporary: the meeting point between tradition and innovation. Characteristic elements of art forniture are interpreted with a new sense of the time and the space, lines are reviewed to comply with a taste that recognize the influences of different cultures and knows how to be enchanted by the perfect purity and the colours.

• Classic: a past that inspires, reassures and welcomes in the warm embrace of tradition. Intense and high emotional impact. Quality and beauty in the sign of artisan culture with his creativity, ancient techniques and meticulous attention to details.

From 1973…Solid wood: timeless guarantee


SOLID WOOD. Solid wood has always been our raw material. A natural and living material that combines beauty with the timeless guarantee of a setting in harmony with the balance of Man and Nature. Designed to last for generations, our furniture has an ally in time, which enhances it with charm and value over the years.

CHOOSING. The choice of wood is the first step on the road to quality. We rely exclusively on experts who follow every phase of the project with passion and knowledge, from the treatment to the manufacture. All the wood is dried and seasoned until it reaches a moisture content of 13% necessary and sufficient to ensure the stability of the furniture and the workability of the wood.

CREATING. This is the time when knowledge of the wood combines with the traditional methods of master cabinet-makers. Hence the intelligence of dovetail joints so that the movements of the wood do not eventually compromise the structure of the furniture. Inlays and carvings are finished entirely by hand.

ENHANCING. Lastly, the polishing provides for up to fourteen different steps. These include painting with rare earths and water, the application of a generous layer of natural antique furniture wax an polishing by hand with woollen cloths. The work is completed with very importart details such as the finishes.